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We often get asked lots of different questions about Sail & Play, so here is a list of the common ones we get, and the answers we have prepared:

p1070018.JPGWhat age group is Sail & Play catered to?
The youngest we can take is 6 and the oldest we have come is usually about 12. We find that those older than 13 don’t find what we do “cool enough” because by this age they are usually wanting to hang out with kids their own age and not 6 year olds!

How are the groups determined?
If you know some of your friends are coming to Sail & Play we ask that you mention this when you enrol in the program, this way we know to put them into the same group. If you are traveling solo, and don’t know anyone that’s coming, that’s ok. We then divide the groups by age, and sometimes by gender.

Are the kids always supervised?
Absolutely! There are always plenty of Instructors around to ensure everyone is supervised at all times. No one is left unattended at any time. We have a buddy system in place for when they need a loo break as well, and we always have a sign in and sign off sheet to ensure we know where everyone is.

So these Instructors you speak of… Are they qualified? Do they have a Blue Card?
The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Sailing Instructors are all experienced sailors in their own right. The Senior Instructors and the Senior Assistant Instructors are paid employees and therefore have their powerboat licence, radio operators licence, first aid certificate as well as a Blue Card which are all requirements to be an Instructor. We also have Assistant Instructors who do most of the sailing. Every student will always be with an Instructor at all times.

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What if it rains? What if it’s windy? What if a storm comes over? What if it’s just not a nice day to go sailing?
Ok, so we can’t always predict the weather. Let’s face it, that’s just totally out of our control! But in saying that, we do have a plan B, C, D and all the way down to Z. Kids love to get wet, so if it’s raining, 9 times out of 10 we will still go sailing, fishing and build the rafts. If it’s windy, and by windy we mean over 18 to 20 knots, then we usually don’t go onto the bay. We may sail to the entrance of the harbour, then turn around to come back, this way we are always in protected waters. And the storms? We have a fair amount of common sense, so if there is a storm approaching, or if there is a warning in place (either strong wind, gale force, or storm warning), then it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t be going onto the water. If there is lightning around, we are guaranteed to stay on shore which is where the on land, inside the classroom activities begin. Look, we will always keep your kids safe because at the Sailing School safety is our main priority.

How many kids can Sail & Play handle?
The minimum amount we usually have at any given Sail & Play is between 15 to 20. That’s during the colder months. During the summer we can take as many as 100 students! And before you ask, yes, we can handle this many students because the Sail & Play program is managed in such a way that everyone gets to do all the activities during the course of the program. We have Squadron Members who also assist with the program (they also have the qualifications to be a part of the program), so regardless of how many kids we have, we always have enough adult/supervisor power to handle it!

What if I have enrolled by child into Sail & Play but they can’t attend because they have fallen sick?
If you think your child is too sick to attend a day of Sail & Play, then we ask that you call us so we can advise the group leader that they will be missing a child for the day (this way they won’t be searching for them here at the Squadron when they are actually tucked into bed at home!) You can call us on 3396 8666 (we are here from 0800 hours or email sailingacademy@rqys.com.au) You will either receive a credit to go towards the next Sail & Play, or we can refund you for that day. If you have enrolled in the course, and cancel at the last minute (less than one week prior to 48 hours before commencement), 50% of the course cost will be refunded. Unfortunately we can not refund for cancellation received less than 48 hours prior to the course or for non-attendance at the course.

If you have any other questions regarding Sail & Play please give us a call on 3396 8666 or email sailingacademy@rqys.com.au

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